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"Raga, Tana, Pallavi in Ramapriya, set to Khandajati Triputa Tala, was the most enjoyable part in the whole well planned and neatly executed programme by Vasantha Madhavi at the Gangalore Gayana Samaja. It was a total concert from beginning to finish. S.Sheshagiri Rao on the violin and Anoor Dattatreya Sharma on the Mridangam supported adequately."        

-  The Indian Express


"Vasanthamadhavi was in her elements at the Bangalore Gayana Samaja. With Nalina Mohan and H.S. Sudhindra, on the violin and Mridangam respectively, the artist commenced the concert with a varnam in Amrithavarshini, composed by herself. Kriti in Malahari composed by Dikshitar, Panchamatanga was rendered neatly, brisk swaras setting up the tempo. Mohana Raga was rendered in detail and a rare kriti by Swathi Thirunal set to Mishra Chapu Tala, Paripahimam followed. Neraval and swaras highlighted the number. Ragam Tanam and Pallavi in Amritha varshini was the main item that glorified the whole performance. With a few Tukdas, the artist concluded the program. It was a program, that, lingers in the listeners' mind for a long time."

- The Hindu 


Under the banner of Sr. Krishna Sangeeta Sabha, Vidushi Vasantha Madhavi gave a superb concert, with Ratnagiri Subba Shastri on the violin and N. G. Ravi on the Mridangam. The highlight of the concert was the authoritative Ragam Tanam and Pallavi in the rare Raga Sunadavinodini. Alapana was dealt in with all detail, bringing out the nuances of the Raga perfectly and the Tanam that followed blended with various speeds was very attractive. Pallavi with Ragamudra, glorified with apt neraval and neat kalpana swaras was a treat . It was a memorable programme.

- Deccan Herald


"Vidushi Vasanthamadhavi rendered Aarabhi raga, at Bharatiya vidya Bhavan, as a part of the Eka Raga program series. Starting with a Lakshya Geetha, a Lakshana Geetha and moving on to a Aditala Varna, further presented parts of very rare compositions by various composers and finally glorified the concert with Ragam, Tanam and Pallavi. Aarabhi Raga thus personified, held the packed audience spell bound."

- Saragrahi, Deccan Herald


"Shrimati Vasanthamadhavi has contributed a set of eight laudable compositions in beautiful Ragas set to different Talas on the eight Dikpalas in different Vibhaktis(Cases) for the first time in the history of Music. They should be received by all musicians  with an open mind and propagated to the next generation."

-  Dr Shatavadhani R. Ganesh, Bhavans News letter


Vasanthamadhavi’s Navagraha Kritis give an insight to Raga Lakshana, Laya, Bhava and Vedic literature.

-  The Times of India


The unique “Ashta Dikpalaka Kritis” composed by the renowned musician Vasanthamadhavi constitute a treasure to our music field. Their intrinsic musical quality is of an admirable order

- Bhavan’s News Letter


"Once again Vidushi Vasanthamadhavi has proved, what a great composer she is ! The new set of kritis on sage Agasthya and the Saptarshis is a welcome contribution. This set, composed in the Sanskrit language, set to different Talas and Ragas, holds testimony to the composer's scholarship, depth of knowledge and the authoritative control over the two main aspects of Music – Lakshya and Lakshana. May she come out with many such novel, original set of compositions."

- Dr. Shatavadhani R Ganesh


With brisk, well-knitted swaraprastharas, detailed raga alapana and Neraval with insight to the Ragabhava coupled with perfect control over laya, Vid. Vasanthamadhavi scintillated her audience.

- The Hindu


Vasanthamadhavi has again emerged as an authentic composer, with the new set of kritis on the Sapta Rishis and Agasthyar.  

- Praja Vani

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