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Performed for prestigious sabhas  such as The Bangalore Gayana Samaja, Malleshwaram Sangeeta Sabha, Thyagaraja Gana Sabha, R.T.Nagar Sangeetha Sabha, Sanjaynagar Sangeetha sabha, Viveka Cultural Center - Chennai, Music Education Trust - New Delhi and Chennai, Kalasagaram  -Hyderabad, Mysore Sangeetha Vidyalaya - Mumbai, Karnataka Sangha - Mumbai amongst many others.


Performed for AIR Bangalore since 1968 and Bangalore Doordarshan since 1986.     


Programs broadcasted from Bangalore, Mysore, Pondicherry and other AIR stations.Performed in the United States of America, in  the year 2000, for CMANA in New Jersey, USA. Also in the year 2004, performed at several places, conducted workshops on various musical subjects and presented lecture demonstrations in San Diego, Fremont, Washington D.C, Santa Clara  and other places.


Composed and sung for Gita-Chitra, which are compositions of Sri Adi Shankaracharya and the Chitras drawn by Sri.B.K. Srinivasa Varma, drawing lot of  appreciation from connoiseurs.


Presented Gita-Nrutya- Chitra, selected songs from Dr. D.V.G's "Antahpura Geetegalu",which had illustrations by Sri.B.K.S. Varma and  Dance byVid. Aishwarya Nityananda.


Featured as Judge in “Ede tumbi haduvenu” telecast by  E- TV and “Sangeetha Yatra” conceptualized by World Music Conservatory and telecast by Shri Shankara TV.


Has several cassettes and CDs to credit.


Written and directed and lent voice for several Features, special write ups, musical operas - for AIR and Doordarshan.


Discharged duties as Jury for the quarter final and semi final rounds of SANGEETHA YATRA, a realty TV show of classical Karnatic Music, jointly organized by World Music Conservatory and Sri Shankara TV.

Concert for Pondicherry AIR, comprising of Dr.  Muthiah Bhagavatar's compositions exclusively.

Participated in the national  level seminar held at Mysore organized by  IGNOU.

Served as judge twice, for the national level music competitions organized by SCZCC, Nagpur.

Broadcast  several musical programs, both practical and demonstrative, from IGNOU broadcasting channel.

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