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Written an exhaustive article on Janya Raagas for the website


Associated with Bharata Bharati Sangeetha Seva Pratishtana to bring out an encyclopedic work on Sri Thyagaraja titled “Sri Thyagaraja Yoga Vaibhavam”.


The Editor-in-chief and compiler for "Sri Shyama Vaggeya Vaibhavam".


Serving on the committee formed by the Directorate of Text books, has authored books for Senior and proficiency curriculum,

Also an examiner for proficiency grade in Music conducted by the Government of Karnataka.


Authored the book “Theory Of music”, which details all aspects of classical Karnatic Music, useful both for students and teachers.The first edition of this book published in 2005 was very well received by the public and Music world, the second and expanded edition of the same is published in 2010.


Penned scores and scores of articles, published in leading periodicals and journals, both in India and the U.S.


Written 158 articles on behalf of the State Sangeetha Nrithya Academy, on its awardees, for the Suvarna Karnataka special issue.


Written about the past musicians and musicologists for ‘Avismaraneeyaru’,which is a popular column in Ananya Abhivyakthi, a monthly magazine.The Kannada version of Theory of Music, written by her is being published in Ananya Kalasincana, every month under the title “Sangeetha Shastra”.


Tyagaraja Rasa Nikasha, an exclusive study of Saint Tyagaraja's  life supplemented by the presentation of his compositions (about  48 – 50 ) and demonstrative narration, running to 14 episodes of 30 minutes each, undertaken on behalf of Amrithavarshini, a channel of Bangalore AIR, was received by the public very well and much appreciated.


Participated in the teaching program of Amrutha Gurukula and delivered a lecture demonstration program of four units, each of 30 minutes on Varnas and how manodharma can be developed through the study of varnas.


Conducted many demonstrative programs including Jatiswara-Swarajati, Evolution of alapana, Tillanas and Javalis, Sri. Thyagaraja’s compositions in praise of deities other than Rama, Vibhakti Kritis of Dikshitar, Raagollasa – a study of close Ragas broadcast from AIR Mysore, a feature – A day with Purandara Dasa, Bhagavannama Mahima as depicted in Purandara Dasa Keertanas, Purandara Dasaru - as a Social reformer, Technique of doing Neraval, special aspects in the compositions of Sri. Muthuswamy Dikshitar, Vibhakti Kritis of Dikshitar, Samudaaya kritis, Developing Manodharma through Varnas, several Eka Darshana programs, planning a concert and executing it -amongst several others.


Served as a member on the film preview committee of Doordarshan Bangalore.


Worked as chief editor for Karnataka Sangeetha Sampada, nine volumes published by the State Sangitha Nruthya Academy, compiling the books brought out by Vidwan Mathur Shankara Murthy in the early 60s and 70s in the last century.

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