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Vid. Vasanthamadhavi started learning music at the age of 5 under the expert tutelage of Vid. Sreenivasa Raghavachar and Vid. Gopalakrishna


She later had her advanced training under Ganakalasindhu Ganakalakushala Sri D. Subbaramaiah. Born in the year 1903, Ganakalasindhu D. Subbaramaiah was a celebrated musician of the yester years who enthralled the music lovers for over six decades by his robust music which had an enchanting quality.Being the first to cut a successful record for the HMV ,D.S. with his remarkable foresight founded the Karnataka College of music way back in and gave methodical training to music students.In fact this was the first ever institution for teaching music and the first music college recognized and aided by the Government. Many honours and titles were bestowed upon him during his active career of several decades.The State Sangeetha Natak Academy honoured him. Ganakalasindhu, Ganakalakushala, Nadasudhanidhi were some of the important titles he received. The neighbouring States also honoured and felicitated him.He passed away on 16 August 1986 after a glorious career. He was a scholar musician who earned the respect of the academic circles as well as popularity of the lay listeners.


The D. Subbaramaiah Fine Arts Trust was established in his fond memory, of which Vid.Vasanthmadhavi is the Founder-Managing Trustee. The Trust is doing an excellent job in promoting Fine Arts in all its forms and encouraging students of Music thereby.

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