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Hailed as a prolific composer,Vasanthamadhavi has composed in Sanskrit, Kannada and Telugu,Most significant compositions being the Navagraha kritis and Ashtadikpalaka kritis.The Ashtadikpalaka kritis have been composed for the very first time in music history.Set in different vibhaktis, these kritis give an insight to the Vedic descriptions of the Ashtadikpalakas and have been acclaimed as superb compositions by learned scholars.


Likewise, the latest set of kritis in praise of the Saptha Rishis and Agastya are a treasure contributed to the music world.


“Sri Venkateshwara Navaratna Maalika” is a set of nine kritis in praise of Lord Venkateshwara in very rare ragas and set in different Vibhaktis.


The Navagraha Kritis composed have a different approach to the nine planets which are believed to control the destiny of human beings.


Composed several Varnas in very rare Ragas, Tillanas and Navasandhi kritis for Bharatanatyam and Kritis on Ganga, Ashwini devas, Lord Ganesha, Rama, Krishna, Keshava, Lakshmi, Sharada, Lalitha, Guru and other deities.


Composed music for several hundred Dasa kritis, Shiva Sharana vachanas and many shlokas of Sri Adi Shankaracharya, which have been sung and adopted by both vocalists and dancers alike.


Also penned amusical opera on Lord Ganesha


.Written the musical opera “Dharegilida Gandharva”,based on the life of Bhairavi KempeGouda, who was a disciple of the great Patnam Subrahmanya Iyer along with Mysore Vasudeva Acharya,has more than forty five Ragas adopted in it.


Compilation of compositions has been carried out by disciples and been published in the book "Vaggeya Rathnavali". It was released , on 29 -09-2012 at Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan. Second volume of Vaggeya Rathnavali, with 64 new compositions, was released on 29th November  2013 at the 21st annual Ragasree Sammelanotsav. In this volume there are several unique compositions dedicated to various deities like Himalaya, Adishesha, Brahma, Sharada, Vani, Vagdevi, Srividya, Sri Krishna’s Vishvarupa as visualized by Arjuna, Geethacharya, Ahalya, Droupadi, Sita, Tara, Mandodari, Sri Rama, Hanuman, Skanda, Vainateya, Vrukodara, Bala Subrahmanya, Lalitha, Omkareshwar, Shakti, Ushas, Prithvi and other such rare themes.Three??? Ragamalika kritis in praise of Sri Vishnu Dashavatara created by Bhagavati, Sapta maatrukas and the five fundamental elements (Pancha Bhutas) that constitute the whole universe are very interesting and informative.


To mark world Women’s day, during the month of March, a concert comprising exclusively of these compositions was rendered by  her disciples. On this occasion two more C.Ds of Vaggeya Rathnavali were released to the public. Fifth C.D – Vaggeya Rathnavali was released to the public on 28th November 2014 at the inaugural function of the 22nd Ragasree Sammelanotsav.

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